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Are you on the digital bus?

One of my former employers always used to say ‘Are you on the bus or are you off the bus? The bus is leaving’. So I was very interested to read this blog by Michael Foy on O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing – Do publishers have the right people on the bus?

I am still meeting people who say they want to work in book publishing but ‘don’t want to do digital’. I don’t know which century these people are in, but you can’t say you don’t want to work in digital any more – digital IS publishing! Every job you search for will have elements of digital publishing, whether it is ebooks, online or social media. Those of you who don’t want to work with digital don’t really want to work in publishing. So, are you on the digital bus or are you off the digital bus? The digital bus is leaving; in many companies it left quite some time ago.

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