Salary Survey 2013

Sep 30, 2013

It has been a long time coming – 5 years since the last salary survey – but finally we are in a position to gather in salary information.

Suzanne Collier has been surveying book publishing salaries since 1995, even before the creation of

This new survey takes into account the changes of digital publishing and looks to see if it has any direct effect on pay, training and stress levels.

There are also quite a few new questions that might raise a few eyebrows, such as ¬†“Honestly, do you think you are underpaid for the job you are doing, if yes, by how much and why?”
We also intend to look at how many people have second jobs or accept freelance work in order to supplement their salary, as well as the usual questions about the work you do and the environment you work in.

When Suzanne published her first salary survey, it was hit with controversy – the main point being that the Managing Directors and CEOs didn’t want you to know how much other people were being paid for the same job.
But over the years it has been consistently proven to be accurate and a vast number of companies and individuals use our data when negotiating rises or recruiting for a new position.

Past salary surveys have also attracted a wide range of national media coverage from the Sunday Times, BBC News, Evening Standard, The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mail to the industry trade press.

We’re going to keep this questionnaire open until midnight on 20th December 2013 and aim to publish the results in Spring 2014 (date to be advised nearer the time).

If you want to help us with this survey, after completing it, please share it with your colleagues and publishing friends – the more data that we can gather, the more accurate the results.

Introduction to the 2013 survey and link here