Salary Survey Full Report Salary Survey Full Report

If you are involved with the recruitment and retention of staff or any talent, career or diversity planning, ensure you have a copy of the full report of the Salary Survey 2021.

Whilst it is called a Salary Survey, it is the only report of its kind which covers employment and recruitment trends  going back over 20 years.

This report will help you identify risks and threats to your recruitment and retention programmes; information which no employer can afford to be without.
The report consists of over 200 tables of data and analysis, covering all aspects of the respondents 
Diversity and Inclusion Policies
Education and Experience
Hours of Work
Salary Reviews
Promotion Prospects
Remote Working
Morale and Company Benefits
Publishing as a Career
Stress at Work
as well as monitoring trends from previous surveys.
The unique element of this survey is it relies on responses from individuals.
It covers all areas of book publishing from digital to print and academic to trade.
As well as data, there are be over 20 pages of comments from respondents as why they intend stay with their employer or why they intend to leave. This is frank and honest opinion that will help you plan staff retention programmes; opinion you will not find anywhere else.
Since its first publication under the bookcareers name in 2000, the bookcareers Salary Survey has become an essential tool for anyone involved in management, human resources, recruitment or staff planning. It is used as a source of reference across the whole industry – from Academic to Trade Publishers and by Universities and Training Organisations. 
The previous survey (2017) was shortlisted in the Career Development Institute Awards.
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