to launch a publishing house

Apr 8, 2013 is to launch a new publishing house – Bookcareers Publishing.

Our list will focus on career books and guides for use within the general career and reference market, although there will be at least one title about careers in publishing.

The books will be available in a multi-platform environment, print and digital, with one or two premium titles having apps.

The aim is to have 6 books in print by June 2014, building to 30 books by 2016, then to publish at least 12 books a year. will still keep its main focus of delivering impartial and qualified career development and guidance to individuals and companies in the publishing sector and expect to take on an additional careers advisor early next year.

Suzanne Collier, who founded in 1999 comments as follows:-

‘My first employer, Andre Deutsch CBE, described publishing as a legalised form of gambling and that is what I feel like I am doing. Over the years I have seen some brilliant career books which have never been published commercially, and my aim is to bring them to a mass market’. ‘It is a great feeling to be in a discussion with an author and instead of referring them to other publisher to say instead ‘yes, we can do that’. During my qualification in career guidance I saw a lot of gaps in the marketplace and believe that we can start a viable publishing house that has the flexibility to deliver some core titles in a highly volatile market ’. ‘Making it a part of the portfolio is a no-brainer – we have the brand; we have the publishing knowledge; but most importantly, we understand the customer so can make this a success.’
‘It won’t divert from our core business of helping those in publishing with their career development and management, if anything it will complement our work. We expect to be looking for an additional member of staff to deliver Career Guidance at some point in the future.’

If you are visiting the London Book Fair you can find us on stand J200.