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We help with all aspects of career development and guidance in the book industry. From deciding on your career options, developing yourself, going freelance, creating side hustles, building your personal brand, juggling a demanding work-life balance or changes in circumstance.

Succeeding at Work

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Career Resources

My major client had laid off all freelancers and I was running around like a headless chicken until I spoke to Suzanne at bookcareers. Her help and support enabled me to get back on track and find different work, which surprisingly paid more! I’m forever grateful.

LL, Editorial


Building a Freelance Business 

Whether you’re an established freelancer or setting up as a freelance for the first time, bookcareers can help you. We’ve worked with countless freelancers who are working on every aspect of publishing, rebuild their business when clients have diminished or set up for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you’re service is Production, Editorial, Sales, Rights or a digital service, our expertise covers it all. 

Talking to Suzanne I discovered plenty of talent in myself …I now feel much more positive and confident, I can see opportunities that I could not see before. If you are stuck and unhappy, go see Suzanne now!
RC, Digital Marketing


Career Management Consultation

If you want to make intuitive decisions about your career rather than wait around for opportunities to come to you, book a Career Management consultation. We will help you develop a strategic plan and achievable goals and coach you to ensure you stay on track and overcome any hurdles. We can help you build your brand so your current employers think you’re worth promoting and other employers start to headhunt you.  

The Career Guidance session was extremely beneficial, particularly with regards to focusing my career path – I’d always figured I was Editorial material but bookcareers helped me to realise that perhaps I am actually better suited to the Marketing field I already find myself in, which is very reassuring. I will also keep an eye out for International Sales type roles too now, following their  suggestions.

JK, Marketing


Career Guidance

Whether you are starting out in your career or are already working in publishing or elsewhere and feel you are losing your way, book a Career Guidance session with us. We will work through your drivers and beliefs understand what work you love to do, and, through a prolonged career discussion, ensure that your career objectives are realistic and serving you best. We can arrange psychometric testing where appropriate or discuss the results of psychometric testing you’ve had elsewhere.

Thank you for your advice and guidance. When I first started I never considered my employer restricting outside activities. But you helped me navigate this and develop my ideas further into something that would benefit my employer too.

AP, Marketing


Developing Side-Hustles

Want to start something new, develop a hobby or an idea alongside your regular employment? Then book an appointment and we’ll help you plan out your ideas, get off the ground, discuss how to broach the subject with your current employers if you want to, or approach others for support and sponsorship.  As bookcareers was started as the ultimate side-hustle, we know all about how to engage others in your plans and have advised many others on developing their own side-hustles and projects too! 

I never envisaged that suddenly I could find myself in a void where life changes would impact on my career. You helped me realise the problems, address the issues and navigate a clear path forward.
AC, Management


Mid-Life and Menopause Career Planning

With the retirement age being constantly shifted and Menopause soon to be recognised under the Equality act we help you navigate all mid-life career issues and ensure you maintain your career status and employment. Whether it is planning for retirement or making sure your current needs are being met, our team of experienced mid-life advisors will help you navigate the next stages in your career. We are also able to deliver this support for employers on a group basis.


Work-Life Balance


The world of work has changed dramatically in the last few years. With our ‘always-on’ society where social media and other work demands means you are in demand 24/7. But you don’t have to work 24/7! If you find yourself chronically overworked, or on the way there, then have a chat and see if we can help you rebalance your life and teach you how to manage your job before it overwhelms you.  We are also able to deliver this support for employers on a group basis.

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