Business Book Awards – Winners

Mar 20, 2018


The winners of the inaugural Business Book Awards have been announced.

Category Winner: Self-Development

We were delighted to be involved with the Self-Development category and can highly recommend The Leader’s Guide to Presenting by Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell.
You think you know everything about presenting and then this book pops up. It addresses presentations from a top-level CEO/Leadership perspective in that often you are presenting to get results. Presenting it isn’t just a sales pitch or public speaking, you have to take the audience with you entirely and you cannot fail at top level. It also discusses why you shouldn’t ‘wing it’, how essential rehearsal is and how to pace an audience. Whether its a change of business direction or delivering bad news, the authors take you on a professional journey. The book is full of examples, practical tips, exercises, tables and checklists and each chapter has a clear summary of learning points. Highly recommended for anyone, whether a leader or not, as it definitely adds something new to the presentation bookshelf. It really is a great practical handbook. As a paperback with flaps it is very attractive to read too.

Here are all the other category winners, including The Business Book of the Year. They are now in our reading pile, along with a number of other shortlisted titles, and no doubt reviews will appear in due course.

Category: Startup Inspiration
It Takes a Tribe: Building the Tough Mudder Movement by Will Dean

Category: Selling the Dream
Strategic Tendering for Professional Services: Win More, Lose Less by Matthew Fuller and Tim Nightingale

Category: Leading the Team
The Change Catalyst – Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change by Campbell MacPherson

Category: Embracing Change
Futureproof: How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruptionby Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey

Category: Thought Leader
The Startup Way: The Revolutionary Way of Working That Will Change How Companies Thrive and Grow by Eric Ries

Category: Judge’s Choice
Client Earth by James Thorton and Martin Goodman

The Change Catalyst – Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change by Campbell MacPherson