Cancel Culture : The Ethics of Publishing

May 2, 2021

Episode 121 of Live

Are you faced with working on a book you disagree with? Do you want to know how to address this in-house?
What can you do to express your concerns without losing your job?

Book Publishing is currently ‘at a watershed moment’ and you may be involved in discussions about ‘cancel culture’. So we’ve taken this opportunity to replay one of our early episodes of bookcareers Live, where we talk about the ethics of publishing.

You’ll hear a genuine case study where ethical boundaries were crossed. You’ll learn how ethics were raised in-house, as well as the end result. The book concerned was investigated by the police, featured in the National Press and was mentioned in a court case, so it is extremely relevant to today’s discussion.

Included this episode are helpful tips as to how you could approach a similar situation. So listen to this and you’ll know what to do if you ever find yourself confronted with a book that you really wish your employer did not publish.

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