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Career Development


We offer professional help with all aspects of your career from how to find a job to maintaining employment and gaining promotion.

Our services are tailored especially for your needs – although we outline packages, everything we do is fit around your requirements. We do this by giving you a unique mix of careers advice, guidance, coaching and counselling and information.

Whatever your career problem or challenge, we CAN help.

Our principal consultant is Suzanne Collier, who has successfully helped many people attain their career goals – read the testimonials from previous clients.

All our Careers Consultants are professionally qualified in Careers Guidance to NVQ Level 6 or higher and participate in their own continuous professional development, so you can rest assured they are up to date with new trends and industry standards.

Although we predominantly work within the book industry, the majority of our professional expertise is transferable and we regularly help those outside of the industry and from all walks of life. In particular, we have a large client base from other areas of the media, including television, broadcast and journalism.

Our packages are as follows:
Career Development | Employability Consultations | Career Guidance | Career Management | Career Strategy | Career Crossroads | Coaching |Interview Coaching 

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Career Development
This is a catch-all package which focuses on you and your job search. We will discuss your career options and what publishing roles could make best use of your skills.

When you are looking for a job it can be a very lonely process, where you receive conflicting information about your CV, your experience, what jobs you should be looking for, how to style your applications, write covering letters etc. We will work with you on a one-to-one basis, advising on all of this, including how to pitch yourself, and help you formulate an action plan.
We can help you showcase your skills to put your application ahead of the pack or help you create the perfect covering letter. We do this by discussing the publishing roles most suited to your skills and show you how to attract employers, then help you get where you want to be.

By supporting you one-to-one as you job search, you can feel empowered as you pitch yourself and formulate an action plan to get that dream job.

We have helped people get promotions, change career and move to different sectors including bookselling to publishing and academic to trade. This package is tailored to your individual job search, and comes with a limited amount of follow up which can be supported by extra mini consultations as necessary – so you only pay for the support that you need.

We also provide a comprehensive tailor-made package for people looking to switch departments in any direction – from marketing to editorial, sales to editorial and editorial to marketing to name some of the most popular moves. We work face-to-face (appointment time 2 hours) or via Skype/BT (2 x 50 minute appointments). There will be a follow up call to your appointment to ensure that you are on track with your action plan and are making progress with your goals.

If you feel a Career Development appointment is for you, please email support @ and we will put you through our pre-screening process – a free 20 minute conversation which allows you to outline your aims and us to confirm whether we are the best people to help.Career Guidance

If you ‘fell into your job’ or you’re in the dream job you thought you wanted but now hate, we can offer career guidance for roles inside and outside of publishing.  We will help you identify your transferable skills, analyse what situations and organisations you work best in, and help point you in the right direction.  You’ll be given an action plan to work through and where appropriate, a follow up call will be available.

Employability Consultations

“It was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m so pleased I booked the consultation”

This is our package designed to help you immediately, whether it be through a job search, dealing with an issue at work, or making a decision about your career – be it tackling the boss about an awkward situation or deciding between two job offers or which career path to take.

If you are job searching we review your CV, covering letter or application in direct relation to job advertisements, to give you the best possible advantage when your CV lands on an employer’s desk. Once your appointment time is booked you can email over as many documents as you wish for us to review, but we may only have time to discuss 2 or 3 in detail.

When it comes to job applications, we talk to industry employers all the time and ask them what they are looking for when they are recruiting you.  We discuss their recruitment methods so are in touch with trends in CVs and jobhunting – and our knowledge base reaches small start-ups to large international companies. We’re independent and impartial – so we talk to every company in the industry.

If you need help with other workplace issues or with a career choice, we are professionally qualified to help you make career decisions.  This service is also great if you would just like a quick chat with ‘someone who knows’, particularly if you’ve started a new job and are not happy.

This is a telephone appointment via Skype or a BT line, which lasts for a minimum of 35 minutes and you’ll be able to email us documents to review before the call. The all inclusive cost is £49.

You are also able to pre-book a course of three Mini-Consultations for a fee of £135 instead of £147, with payment in full made at the time of the first consultation. This is a useful support package to follow up from a Career Development or Career Management consultation..

To book either an employability consultation or a series of consultations please email us at support @

Career Management
Not making the right impression in your job? Struggling with too many items on your desk (which no amount of time management training seems to resolve)? Then book a consultation. You can discuss everything that is going on at your work-place in a completely confidential atmosphere; you can bring your intray or company confidential documents and know that they will go no further. Best of all, when you discuss all those things you haven’t yet done, you won’t get fired! Instead, you will get realistic, practical one-to-one advice about how to organise your busy job and how best to manage your day-to-day challenges. To get the best out of a Career Management appointment a face-to-face meeting is essential.

If you feel a Career Management appointment is for you, please email support @ and we’ll fit you in to our next available slot.

Career Strategy

In an industry that is changing and developing at a fast pace, you need to be developing yourself and creating a strategy or career plan to help you make the next move, particularly if you are looking to move up the career ladder. Our career strategy appointment can help you do that, advise you on the routes that are available to you and help you plan your career and achieve your goals.

Career Crossroads

Over the years we’ve met many people who aren’t sure whether publishing is for them, or whether they want to move into publishing. If you are feeling mismatched in your job or would like to ‘do something different’, then a career crossroads appointment may help. We don’t do psychometric testing, instead will set you some of our own career tests and sit and listen and use our expertise to guide you to make the right choices.


We can provide coaching either on an individual or group basis and are professionally trained in many of the most popular coaching methods, so can match the coaching programme of your employer when moving you towards your goals.

Other information
Every package you book is tailor made to your requirements – you can choose from face-to-face, telephone or Skype sessions. Then, if you’d like to continue you have the choice of buying extra telephone coaching or Skype support for as long as you need. You are also welcome to arrange periodic consultations as and when you need them.

You will be given the same level of confidentiality that you have come to expect from your doctor; although we may know of people you mention in our discussions; we do not discuss our work nor our clients with anyone. People will not know that you have used our services.

Industry trends, employment trends and training needs change rapidly so we are continually updating our own professional development by attending seminars, workshops, networking and through our memberships of the Careers Profession Alliance and the Independent Publishers Guild.

We aim to give you the tools that you need to find your own career and ways forward but we make no guarantees that you will find a new job or a better career as a result of using these services.

If you are interested in booking an appointment, please email support @