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These are the campaigns within UK book publishing we are involved in:-

Along with The Literary Consultancy we are asking for transparency of salaries in job advertisements, particularly for Entry Level roles.  A salary guide or band, as opposed to ‘competitive’ allows those who are job hunting to make clear decisions before applying for a role. To support this campaign we offer two rates for job advertisements placed on our site – with a discount for advertisers companies who add salary.

Inclusivity in Publishing
We believe that publishing as a career should be open to everyone, regardless of age race, religion, disability or social class.

Stop Maternity Discrimination
We have noticed through our client base that women often face some sort of discrimination after returning from maternity leave. We are monitoring this on an ongoing basis. If you would like to add your own personal story to our data, please contact us in complete confidence.

Unpaid Internships
No one who falls outside of the National Minimum Wage legislation should be undertaking any form of unpaid work experience or internship. We believe that if large companies such as Penguin Random House can offer paid work experience, and small organisations such as ourselves, only offer paid work, then every other size organisation in-between should do the same.

We support the industry led #workinpublishing campaign all year round.

What About Me? Age Discrimination
We are monitoring stories of age discrimination within the publishing industry. If you would like to add your own personal story to our data, please contact us in complete confidence.

Work Experience for under 18s
We are looking into opportunities for under 18s to participate in a work experience programme within the book publishing industry. So far we have been unsuccessful, but if any publisher would like to change the status quo, please contact us. We regret that we are currently unable to help any under 18 year old looking for placements. This information will be updated if the situation changes.

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