How to win at job interviews

Going to job interviews?  Here are some top tips to help you through.

Prepare well for your interview. Research the company, obtain their catalogue and look at their website. Find out what they do and how your input could help.
Do you know someone who works for them, or used to work for them? Ask them as much about the company as possible.
Think about YOUR presentation for the day. If you always find yourself wearing an uncomfortable item of clothing for an interview remember than you probably will look uncomfortable to the interviewer.
If you’ve a friend or colleague that knows your achievements and your strengths arrange to phone them beforehand for a pep talk. This can do wonders.
Turn up on time. There is no excuse for lateness.
Remember you could be being monitored, from the minute you approach the main door, to when you finally see the interviewer.
You know what they might ask you if you’ve something ‘suspect’ on your CV and you know what you shouldn’t say. Rehearse your answers so your explanations come out as positive rather than negative statements. Remember here that practice makes perfect.
Make eye contact. If this is difficult then focus on something like the interviewer’s ear, so it appears you are looking at them. Looking away can indicate that you are lying.
Try to remember what it was that you didn’t find out until too late about your last/present job.
Write down your impressions of the people/company immediately after the interview – it will help you decide.