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Dignity at Work, Workplace Bullying

Series 1 Episode 2 of Live With the book industry coming together to issue a Commitment to Professional Behaviour, this episode discusses Dignity at Work, some of the statistics from the Salary Survey as regards stress and bullying at work.  It has helpful hints as to tackling workplace bullying as well as a […]

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Welcome to bookcareers LIVE

We are delighted to announce our new bookcareers podcast and platform LIVE. You can listen to the first episode about Cliques in Publishing and find out all that is going on with   You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or using the rss Please join the discussion on social media using […]

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What happens to women’s careers (Part 2)

When I wrote last year  for International Women’s Day about ‘What happens to women’s careers when they get pregnant?’ I asked women who felt they’d been discriminated against because of pregnancy to get in touch.  I was perhaps expecting one or two emails. Over the past 12 months I’ve had around 20 emails, messages and […]

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Why remote working is the key to diversity

Many areas of publishing are anxious to innovate and, quite rightly, want to increase the diversity of their workforce. Innovation usually focuses on solutions to improve publishing’s outputs—the revenue-generating products and services which pay the bills. But the tendrils of innovation should also reach out to address the needs of that most crucial of inputs—the […]

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Spare Room Project is launched

The Spare Room Project has recently launched, which is designed as a practical initiative aimed at helping regional diversity in publishing, and led by James Spackman of Pursuit Agency. The Project will match students from outside publishing with a publishing professional in the capital (London), offering them accommodation for a week in July or August. […]

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