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We are no longer supporting ANY kind of unpaid work experience

As you know, for a long time has said a two week unpaid placement is bordering on acceptable. You might have noticed that, since the beginning of the year, even these have been removed from the website.  This is because we no longer endorse any unpaid work, unpaid work experience placements or unpaid internships.  This includes opportunities […]

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Work Experience at Headline Publishing – Aneeka’s Experience

We’re making a few changes to the website and one of the major changes is that we’d like your contributions. So if you’ve been on a training course, undertaken work experience or had the ‘interview from hell’ with a publisher, we’d like to hear your stories (and we will guarantee anonymity if requested). We’d also […]

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Paid Internships from Dorling Kindersley

We are delighted to inform you that DK is offering four paid internships in memory of Christopher Davis. Here are the details:- —— About Christopher Davis Christopher Davis died on December 2nd 2012. He was one of the founders of Dorling Kindersley and played a key role in the company from its start-up in 1974 […]

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Are Publishers Born or Made?

Are publishers born or made? Was the question asked at an insightful symposium at Kingston University where Course Directors, Lecturers, Publishers and Trade Associations (including the Publishers Association – Richard Mollet gave a brilliant presentation) and interested parties discussed the relevance of publishing degrees and education to the publishing industry. This was the first forum […]

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