bookcareers is changing…

Over the next few months you will see lots of changes at and a new-look website as we reposition ourselves as the independent careers service for book publishing.

What does this mean?
We aim to be the over-arching portal for ALL things book careers. The first port of call for all resources and information about finding a job in this industry and sustaining a career. We see lots of great activities happening across the industry but so many can only be found if you are ‘in the know’. We aim to change that. We want to show that book publishing is open to everyone from all walks of life and highlight the wide range of career options available.

Why are you doing this? has been operating since 1999. Since we started we have seen many different industry career-related projects start and then pause. Often they are externally funded and pause as soon as the funding stops. Careers guidance shouldn’t be this way. It has been our mission since day one to support the careers of those already working with books and make entry into the industry accessible for all.

It is our belief that good careers advice should not be dependent on government policy, external funding or biased information.

Where can I get help with my career?
Right here! Right now! Use the links below to navigate you to the best of our content and support. We’ll be updating this information regularly.

Free resources – Weekly newsletter
Free resources – Our careers hub – this is being updated and building! 
Free resources – Join our Job Club
Free resources – Weekly careers podcast
Free resources – YouTube Channel
Free resources – Chat to a qualified careers advisor (we do not give CV advice in these calls) – Free in the UK.
Paid resources – CV, Covering Letter, Interview help
Paid resources – All-age Career Guidance and Development, including redundancy support. Chat to us for free to see if we can help you.

Coming soon…
(Links will be added when these are live).
Paid resources – How to Job Search in Book Publishing the book
Paid resources – How to Job Search in Book Publishing the training course

These things take time…
Please bear with us over the next few months as we put our house in order. We are the first to admit currently the bookcareers website ‘is a bit of a mess’. We’re working hard, alongside our everyday careers work, so things take time. If you have a query or want to tell us about a career resource you are offering, please use the contact form.