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Does Richard Charkin have any demons?

Here is the final post for National Careers Week.

Many moons ago I bumped into Richard Charkin at a Society of Young Publishers conference. At the time he had just taken over at Macmillan Publishers (he is currently Executive Director of Bloomsbury Publishing). Richard asked me what I was speaking about and I replied:
‘I’m going to get everyone to challenge their demons; you know, the little voices in your head that tell you not to do stuff, take chances or make changes’. He gave me a puzzled look.
I then asked ‘Richard, what demons do you have?’.
‘None. I don’t have any demons’ he replied.

So when you want to make changes in your career and hear little voices of doubt questioning whether you should move forward, change job, publish that book, phone that customer, (or write a blog post about a conversation that took place many years ago!) trust your gut instinct and don’t listen to the demons.

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