Edinburgh – How to Job Search in Book Publishing

Dec 13, 2018

We’re delighted to tell you we will be running our popular How to Job Search in Book Publishing Course, in Edinburgh on 14th February 2019.  This is sponsored by The Book Trade Charity BTBS, with Publishing Scotland as co-sponsors and the support of SYP Scotland.

If you are based in Scotland or the far North of England and are looking for a job in book publishing and fall into the following criteria, please apply for a sponsored (FREE) place.  Subject to spaces, we may also have a limited number of places for sale for those who are fully employed but wish to come too.

We will consider sponsoring:-
A 2017-2018 Publishing graduate or Publishing post-graduate from either Edinburgh Napier or Stirling University who has completed their course and who is unemployed.  (NB: If you’ve just started or are still studying, please DO NOT apply; you still get careers support from your University – go and find the Careers Office, they will love to see you).

Someone with book publishing experience who finds themselves unemployed or underemployed.

Someone with book publishing experience who is repeatedly undertaking internships.

Someone who is already freelancing within book publishing but does not have enough income.

We will be allocating places based on publishing experience, those with more book publishing experience are likely to take priority over those with less.  All sponsorship is at our discretion and no communication will be entered into as to why you might have been unsuccessful.

To apply, please send:-

A couple of lines about your current situation, and the type of job you’ve been looking for
Your CV
A genuine covering letter from a recent job application

To Suzanne Collier at online@bookcareers.com

We’ll update this page with how many places are left.  This course is now full.

To read more about the How to Job Search in Book Publishing course, the course agenda and a review visit the London page here.