How we can help



How on earth do you find new staff when you have no time and a limited recruitment budget?

Did you know if you are a UK book publisher you can post job vacancies on our website?

Register with the CV Clearing House, and you can buy credits for as few or as many jobs as you wish. Login or register here. Please note we do not accept any advertisements for unpaid or expenses only placements.

Alternatively why not search for candidates through our CV Clearing House and avoid the hassles of advertising!

Coaching and Time Management
We offer one to one coaching for employees, enabling them to meet company goals and develop their skills or knowledge, and as well real-world time management who are feeling overwhelmed with priorities.

Workplace Difficulties
We don’t like to discuss them but we know they happen. We assist clients overcome work related stress and bullying issues. Find out more.

Redundancy Support and Outplacement
At the other end of the spectrum we offer professional redundancy support, job search programs, counselling (sometimes referred to as ‘outplacement’) all with a specialist publishing focus. This can be an individual or group session at your office if you prefer, and we are able to tailor a cost-effective package to fit your budget (e.g. a one off or repeat basis). You can read more here. Please contact suzanne for further information.