Episode 100 bookcareers Live – Best Bits

Dec 6, 2020

Episode 100 of bookcareers.com Live
In this episode of bookcareers Live, our 100th, we look back over a selection of previous episodes.
We share a few top tips as well as make recommendations to which episodes you might like to revisit.
All of the past episodes mentioned can be found by using the search box to the right of this page.

From episode 4, discussing the Ethics of Publishing, and how to deal with a book on the publication schedule you might not agree with, through to episode 99, which covers Getting that Job, all are designed to give you advice and guidance and spur you on, no matter what stage of your publishing career. 
We’d like to thank you all for listening and a big thank you to all our past guests too. If you’ve got a suggestion for a future topic or guest, or would like to be a guest yourself, then please contact us
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