Grants and Fundraising with The Book Trade Charity BTBS

Jul 10, 2022

Podcast Cover Ep 183 Grants Fundraising Book Trade Charity

Episode 183 of Live

Are you someone worried about the cost of living crisis? Maybe you are looking for a grant or financial support? Or maybe you are someone who likes to raise funds for charity.

The Book Trade Charity BTBS is a charity that underpins so much financial support for those in the UK book trade. It helps everyone from those starting their careers through to those who are retired. Yet many people in the industry are not aware of BTBS, who BTBS support, nor how to help fundraise for the charity or apply for a grant.

In this episode of bookcareers Live, we are joined by the CEO of BTBS, Victoria Perry, who takes us through all we need to know. You’ll learn more about who the charity helps (bookselling, book publishing, book distribution, and allied functions). We discuss one or two personal stories from beneficiaries, before talking about how you can support its latest campaign, #185Appeal.

There is also information covering the rise in the cost of living, and how you can apply for a grant, help with housing or career support through BTBS.

To support the #185Appeal please visit 
To find out more about The Book Trade Charity you can do so here and follow them on Twitter @BTBSCharity.

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