Hiive – The New Professional Network for Creative People

Mar 5, 2015


Creative Skillset, the Skills Sector Council for the Creative Industries, is finally launching its new professional network Hiive.


Monday, 9th March sees the launch of  hiive.co.uk – a unique networking, collaboration and job-finding tool for UK creatives.   Hiive offers the pick of creative job opportunities from leading employers across the UK. Attracting 6,000 members to date since launching in Beta,

Hiive brings together a number of tools that makes it an indispensible offering for professional creatives at any stage in their career. Allowing users to build and showcase their online creative portfolio, the site helps creatives connect with people, courses, jobs, companies, and projects to help them further their career. Businesses can tap into a diverse pool of creative talent and post job vacancies or courses for free. Hiive Swarms incite collaboration between users, allowing people to kickstart creative projects, share ideas, and promote events within Hiive.

The launch event, featuring names such as Caitlin Moran, takes place on Monday 9th March from 11.00 am.  Follow some of the action from inside Hiive if you’ve already registered or on twitter from @SkillsetSCC

Caitlin Moran comments, “It’s important to express your individuality whatever you do. There is a need for a tool and portal that allows you do be more than just a name on a piece of paper by showcasing your portfolio in the way you want. Not only that but it breaks down barriers that have previously meant the privileged are more likely to get into the creative industry opening doors to employers all over the UK based purely on the merits of your work.”

The view from the bookcareers.com office is that if you have cross-industry skills now is the time to market them to the other creative industries; publishing skills are blending so much with other careers, there is a world of opportunity waiting.  Also if you are looking to learn about digital influences there could be no better platform than this to observe the digital, television, media and games industries.