International Clients

Are you already working for a book publisher outside of the UK? Do you have a freelance publishing business or service that you wish to develop? 

Then you too can experience some of the excellent support that gives. 

You might wish to book a consultation to help you with a variety of career issues, such as:-

*Job Searching
*Assistance with a Job Application (CV, Covering Letter, Application Questions)
*Interview preparation,
*Issues at work
*Career Planning

 Or use it as the start of series of consultations and coaching to help you formulate a long-term career plan or push for promotion. 

Over the years we have assisted clients from many different countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and helped many individuals build publishing careers or freelance businesses. 

To make it easier, we have introduced a flat fee for all individual^ international clients of $125.00, covering a 50 minute consultation. 
This includes any initial discussions about your career pathway and options.

If you wish to book a series of consultations, then we offer 5 consultations for the price of 6, providing this booking is made by the end of the 2nd consultation.
Other packages may be available.  

To book an International Consultation, please use the calendar below. 

Please note:-We cannot help or advise on Visa issues, particularly those without a UK Visa looking to work in the UK. There are no free consultations, free Careers Clinic appointments or grants available for International Clients. This is due to our sponsorship only covering UK and Ireland clients based in the UK and Ireland.^Different rates apply for corporate businesses.