Interview With Jeremy Trevethan Part Two

May 15, 2022

podcast cover episode 175 Jeremy Trevethan part 2

Episode 175 of Live

Our regular podcast episodes are on a Summer Break! In the meantime we will be replaying a few of our favourite interviews, as there is so much in them. We think you’ll enjoy them second time around.

Back in August 2020 we had a good chat with our friend Jeremy Trevathan, who is now Managing Director of Pan Macmillan. We spoke to him about his varied career, how he got to be publisher, and he gave some great tips and ideas for those at all stages of a publishing career. The chat was so good, we had to split it into two parts because we didn’t want to edit any of it!

In this episode Jeremy continues where he left off (part one can be heard here). You can hear him discuss what it is like working with high profile celebrities such as Elton John and Mariah Carey and his opinion on the ‘super September’ set of releases. We then discuss future job opportunities at Pan Macmillan, both permanent and freelance, before talking about whether remote working is here to stay.

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