bookcareers Job Club Initiative

Nov 15, 2020

As a direct response to the current employment situation caused by Covid-19 we are now running TWO job clubs. Both have different criteria so you should apply to join one or the other. As we are restricted by number, membership of both is NOT permitted. 

bookcareers newcomers job club

Open to all including
– students
– recent graduates
– NEETS (Not in education, employment or training)
– career changers 
– unemployed or employed either salaried or freelance
– apprentices / interns / work experience

and already have the right to work in the UK. If we become oversubscribed we may restrict those who are currently employed. 

The bookcareers newcomers job club is open to anyone who has the right to work in the UK and who is looking for a career in UK book publishing or the UK book industry. We accept students, recent graduates, unemployed, employed, career changers, the curious. We don’t accept writers who are looking to get published. 

The bookcareers newcomers job club will hold regular online evening meetings where we will provide specialist advice on all aspects of job hunting including CVs, covering letters, interview skills, industry trends, and more. It is currently FREE to join. It is designed for anyone looking for an Entry Level role and people who are approaching the publishing industry for the first time, have limited contacts or knowledge and are likely to be experiencing a prolonged job search. We will be hosting a number of discussions on the platform which allows you to register with an anonymous username as well as a FaceBook Group



bookcareers professionals job club 

– open to those who have lost their UK book industry job and are currently unemployed (usually at least 1 year’s experience) 
– UK book industry includes book publishing, literary agents, book festivals, book distribution, bookselling, publishing services). 

Our traditional bookcareers Professionals Job Club which is run in association with The Book Trade Charity (BTBS) is open to anyone who is ALREADY FROM THE UK BOOK TRADE (bookselling, book distribution, literary agents, publishing, publishing services, literary festivals etc), who is currently unemployed as a result of the Pandemic. You need to be looking for a second job upwards. This group is not for Entry Level applicants.  

The bookcareers professionals job club holds regular online daytime meetings where we will provide FREE specialist advice on all aspects of job hunting including CVs, covering letters, interview skills, industry trends, and more. We also aim to offer all bookcareers job club members a strong network of supportive contacts, helping you to regain your confidence in a fast-changing and highly competitive job market. 

If you feel you qualify for the bookcareers Professionals job club and would like to join, please register here. 


If you do not qualify but would like the help of Bookcareers, please check the other services we have available. Those who are employed and would like to access the high quality of advice we deliver to our bookcareers Job Club, do check out our How to Job Search in Book Publishing course which is our ‘job club in a day’ and open to all.

You can access our services by
– asking your employer to use us as your outplacement consultant
– a charitable grant from The Book Trade Charity (BTBS)
– being referred to us by your job centre ‘Advisor Discretion Fund’
– covering our nominal fees yourself.


This is how you can help with the Bookcareers Initiative:

1. Working in HR, Recruitment or currently have vacancies? Volunteer to talk to our Job Club group.
2. Are you a Trainer within the industry? Our Initiative consists of people who need new skills. Come and talk to us about what is important right now.
3. Make a donation to The Book Trade Charity BTBS.
You can do this by clicking this link or to the BTBS directly (mentioning


David Hicks, The Book Trade Charity (BTBS)
“We are delighted to put our name to such a positive initiative at this time. are experts at providing career support for the book industry and getting people into work. Over the years we’ve seen bookcareers help countless people into employment and we are confident that everyone who participates will be in the best possible hands.’

Carl Smith, SYP UK Chair 2020
‘We at the Society of Young Publishers (SYP) are always proud to partner with Suzanne and Bookcareers. Not only because they have been integral to our organisation in the past and present, but because many of our members – committee and participants alike – have first-hand experience of being aided by their career-focused courses and advice. That this guidance can now be accessed online, and thus from any location, will mean more and more people can receive help going forward.’


Bookcareers Job Club Initiative is a networking group/job club specifically created to help those already within the industry who are currently unemployed and facing a prolonged job search. Unlike other groups, the Initiative will meet online during the daytime.

The group meets online, usually on a fortnightly basis and is open to people at all levels of their careers, from Managers and Senior staff to first/second jobbers. As we are online, your UK location should not be an issue. As the demand for the job club will be high, we aim to be focussed entirely on those who are already based in the UK and want to work in the UK book industry.  If there are more applicants than spaces we will aim to run more than one group.

These are NOT ‘open’ meetings – registration and participation is essential. You will be given actionable tasks at the end of each meeting.

This project is in association with The Book Trade Charity BTBS.  We’ll update our list of supporters and endorsements as they come in.


Please complete this registration form.

Each online meeting will start promptly at the scheduled time, like any business meeting, where news and highlights will be announced. We will then focus on an area of job searching and after a brief presentation there will then be an online discussion and you will be given an actionable task before the next call.

The main advisor will be Suzanne Collier from, a Registered Career Development Professional (RCDP) who has over 20 years of experience of helping people like you into work. Sometimes there may be a guest presentation or speaker who will be invited to give you specialist advice or training that you would not be likely to hear elsewhere. It is also hoped to invite particular employers within the industry who are currently recruiting.  We are still in the testing period and the format may change from time to time; there is no guarantee that there will be a speaker or guests at every meeting. To create a supportive network you need to attend every meeting; you cannot pick and choose which meetings to attend.

All meetings will be ‘off camera’: what is said in the meeting room stays in the meeting room.

Can I turn up, see the guests and leave?
No, this is not a ‘drop in centre’, it is a formal meeting and you will be expected to commit to the whole meeting. If you are seen to be abusing the meetings you may be excluded from future meetings. You need to attend as many meetings as possible. To create a supportive and strong network, you cannot pick and choose which meetings you attend

Numbers are strictly limited and membership is solely at the discretion of – it is important that we capture those who meet our key criteria first. We DO NOT discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or disability or social class.

I might meet someone at this group who is going after exactly the same job as me. Will I have to share with people what interviews or jobs I am applying for?
No. You share with the group as little or as much personal information as you wish.

The date/time of the meetings clash with the time that I am due to ‘sign on’. What should I do?
Let know and we will write you a letter for you to take to the job centre, requesting that your signing on time is moved as it clashes with an excellent opportunity for you to look for work within your chosen field.

Is there a membership fee?
Currently there is no membership fee or charge; this is a not-for profit-venture. are giving their time freely.

I’ve been doing work experience for 6 months, do I qualify?
Relevant work experience will be taken into consideration for entry level candidates wishing to join the job club, however places are strictly limited and entry will be granted according to our discretion.

I’m having a terrible time at the moment… will it be one of those groups where you have to stand up and share all your problems?
No. This is a dignified, positive work-focused group, there will be no whinging and no self-pity – everyone here will be in the same boat.