Jobseeker Q & A with Publishing Hopefuls

Sep 6, 2020

Episode 87 of Live

This week’s podcast is a Q & A with Christina Storey and all the questions are from the Publishing Hopefuls group.

We discuss whether it is advisable to start a bookblog or bookstagram, what makes someone employable, and how to address a covering letter, plus how to get experience. There are also questions about how publishing views International candidates, if timing makes a difference to your applications along with other recruitment practices.

So if you’re starting out in your publishing career or wondering what can help your job search, do take a listen.

In this episode we refer to several previous episodes and items from bookcareers Live. These are:-
Episode 28 Blogging to get a job
Episode 81 Covering Letter Basics
Blogpost Will an Employer sponsor my Visa

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