Jobseeking on Twitter

Jul 7, 2020

We are restarting the #bookcareers Jobseekers Hashtag.

Once a week, (not more, Twitter’s search function is very good) send out a tweet with the hashtag #bookcareers and a bit about you and your skills, and let’s see if any of those who are hiring or recruiting will start searching for you.

e.g. #bookcareers English graduate, can use Indesign, looking for first publishing job, anything considered, but likes Publicity.
#bookcareers Marketing Manager, 7 years exp, worked in trade and academic publishing, digital and print

What we”ll do in return is if you shout @bookcareers with #bookcareers and say you are looking for a job in publishing and have:-
1. Unprotected tweets
2. A bio which does not contain swearing
3. An avatar or picture
4. And are following @bookcareers (so we can send you DMs)
We’ll add you to our public @bookcareers jobseekers list.

This is designed for people who are actively job seeking within publishing, bookselling or book industry jobs in the UK. We want to help those based in the UK who need the help the most – e.g. this year’s graduates who are coming out into the world of work at one of the most difficult times. Or those who are being laid off, as it seems there are still a great number of redundancies.

No guarantees, but we’ll sometimes remind the @bookcareers/recruiters list that you exist.  If things work, we might expand it, but give this time to trial for the next few weeks.

And don’t forget – as soon as you have a job – let us know!

PS –
You should be doing this in conjunction with the guidelines in this podcast
in particular,  the point ‘do not look desperate’; you want to look professional.  Twitter’s search facility is exceptionally good. The best way to check whether you need to retweet your #bookcareers tweet, is to search for #bookcareers and see if you can find yourself. Tweet your #bookcareers tweet more often than this and you’re likely to bore the pants off your followers.