Kickstart Internships with Atwood Tate

May 9, 2021

Episode 122 of Live

The UK Government has launched a number of schemes to help people back into work during the pandemic, and one of the biggest is the Kickstart Internship scheme.

In this episode of bookcareers Live we talk to Jo Bowerman, Director of Atwood Tate Recruitment Consultants. Atwood Tate are acting as a gateway provider for companies who want to create Kickstart internships and, although candidates have to go through their Work Coach at the Job Centre, have a number of vacancies advertised on their website.

To qualify as a candidate for the Kickstart scheme you need to be aged 16-24, currently unemployed and receiving Universal Credit and have a Work Coach at the Job Centre. (If you don’t have a Work Coach, please ask the Job Centre for one).

You can find out more about the Kickstart Scheme:-
As a Candidate
As an Employer

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