Life in Publishing: it’s more than just books (and Tumblr!)

Oct 20, 2013

We’ve received details of the Society of Young Publishers 2013 Conference, which is going to be held in Oxford on 23rd November 2013.

This year’s conference is entitled ‘Life in Publishing: it’s more than just books (and Tumblr!)’ and will focus on life in publishing and how to climb up that publishing ladder and what your next steps might be in your career path. The conference will focus on five different areas of publishing:

  • Publishing 101: How to get in
    Topics will include the various roles in the industry; internships; and tips on getting into publishingSuitable for: Masters students; anyone wanting to be a part of the industry.
  • I work in Publishing, now what: Finding your path 
    Topics will be anchored around the idea of getting more out of what is already available. Growing a career, taking on bigger responsibilities such as speaking at conferences and travelling abroad.Suitable for: Recently-graduated Masters students; first/second/third-year professionals
  • Publishing is all about change: Identifying the new normal
    Topics will examine the on-going shift from print to digital; increased social media marketing (and not being afraid to experiment; managing social media failures (i.e. Tom Tivan and the Cockhat email!); advances in technology; managing relationships/working with vendors; outsourcing.Suitable for: First/second/third-year professionals; SYP members-at-large; and individuals looking to making the transition into publishing from another industry.
  • Career Advice: How to get ahead
    Topics include a CV clinic and careers adviceSuitable for: Third-year undergraduates; Masters students; Individuals wanting to re-train in publishing and/or looking to make the switch.
  • Publishing and Bookselling: Balancing the relationship
    Topics will range from indie publishing; regional publishing (what’s happening outside of Oxford and London); bookselling; workers’ rights, equality and diversity topics, etc.Suitable for: All of the above.

For further information and to book your tickets