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We're seeing companies set out their new working from home policies and there is a real mixture decisions!
Some plan to bring all staff back into the office 5 days a week, some are saying a hybrid model, and some are saying staff can decide what they want to do.
What is your situation? What has working from home taught you? Do you think that the companies which have flexible working will be more inclusive and attract a wider range of staff?
I've been working from home and I really hate it. The office is bringing us back in 2-3 days a week yet I wish it was more.
I want the social aspect of colleagues. I miss the lunches and after work drinks. Yes, I've saved money but at what price? We used to be able to have a laugh but the weekly department meeting is too serious to do this.
I worked from home briefly last year and I hated it. I find it much harder to focus when I'm working on my own - the routine and atmosphere of the office gives me a big boost. I'd like to see much more flexibility when it comes to working from home or not, as there seems to be a huge range of opinions.
I really prefer working from home as I find the office environment distracting. Also, as an introvert, I found it tiring to be around people all day. Having said that, my situation has changed recently so I'm now the only person in my team, and that is making me feel isolated. I'm not sure if going to the office would be much of an improvement, but at least I'd have more opportunity to mingle with colleagues from other teams. I also worry that I'll become invisible now that I'm the only team member.

I'm looking at other jobs and appreciate the fact that a lot of companies are offering remote options. It means that geography isn't so limiting (I don't live close enough to London to commute every day). I think it would be great if companies could be flexible and let employees work in the way that works best for them. I am drawn to companies that are flexible because I think it says a lot about their culture.
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