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By Admin
We're in beta mode, still working with the software and trying out new things... lots of emojis to come :D .
Expect the arrangement of the forums to change.
If you have any feedback, bugs or something technical that needs fixing, please post it here.
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By Suzanne
Software Update.
There will be a software update in the next two weeks. This means you might find the forum offline between 21:00 and 02:00. Apologies in advance. This message will be removed/updated when the update has been completed.
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By Suzanne
I had to delete one of the plugins. Unfortunately with that we lost a few days posts and registrations but the situation appears to be resolved.
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By Suzanne
There will be some maintenance over the weekend and our appearance may change temporarily whilst this is in progress.
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By Suzanne
Finally, we're back and looking pretty again! There are still one or two slight modifications to come.
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