Marketing with Alice Murphy-Pyle of HarperNorth – Part One

Jun 12, 2022

Podcast Cover Episode 179 Alice Murphy-Pyle Part One

Episode 179 of Live

Our regular podcast episodes are on a Summer Break! In the meantime we will be replaying a few of our favourite interviews, as there is so much in them. We think you’ll enjoy them second time around.

Back in October 2020, Head of Marketing of HarperNorthUK, Alice Murphy-Pyle spoke to us about all things Marketing. We discussed her career so far and her favourite campaigns. Then we learnt how to plan a marketing or publicity campaign and how important it is for the North of England to have a publishing division. So if you want to get some great career tips as well as learn all things HarperNorth, this episode is for you.

We had such a good chat, we split this interview into two parts; part two follows next week.

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