New Publishing Living Wage

Apr 1, 2016


The National Living Wage comes into effect today, replacing the National Minimum Wage, ensuring that all employees over 25 are paid a minimum of £7.20 per hour.

^This bit is True.

As for the rest…APRIL FOOL!   Thank you to everyone who participated.

However, we at are not happy to read about some of the exclusions to the National Living Wage.   In particular the exclusion placed on smaller companies of under 100 employees that are based in the Creative Industries (Publishing, Literature, Theatre), which allows the employer to pay less than £7.20 and to ‘make up the difference’ by means other than salary. This amount of £0.50 per hour, has been nicknamed the ‘Cake Gap’ as it is in line with a the cost of a small piece of cake.  Several companies and organisations have already applied to implement the ‘Cake Gap’ and pay the equivalent of this money in cake, wine or books.    This does not seem fair.  As much as we all love cake, wine and books, none will pay your rent.  We spoke to one publisher who is implementing this and they responded “Let them eat cake!”.

We would urge everyone concerned to think again about the ‘Cake Gap’.  Here is what you can do to object:-

  1. Share this article to raise awareness using the hashtag #stopthecakegap.
  2. Buy cakes for you and your colleagues to demonstrate to your employer that you already have more than enough cake, and don’t need the bosses cake too.
  3. Organise a party and drink wine; to show your employer that wine is no substitute for salary.

Are you affected by the ‘Cake Gap’?  Do you know someone who is? Please contact us in complete confidence or comment below.