New standards for work experience opportunities

Feb 28, 2013

We’ve been looking at how we can help increase diversity within publishing and be fairer to those who are looking for entry level opportunities.
We also believe that the publishing industry needs to change in how it treats those looking for entry level jobs.

With effect from the 1st March 2013, all work experience and internships advertised on must fall into one of the following criteria:

1. Two week experiences or shorter. Work experience or internship opportunities should last no more than 2 weeks without being paid the minimum wage. Anything longer than two weeks must be paid the minimum wage. All unpaid opportunities should cover the full cost of travel (a minimum of £50 per week up to a zone 1-6 weekly London travelcard, currently £55.60) and ideally include a provision for lunch, either purchased by the employer or a recommended lunch allowance of a minimum of £3.00 per day.
2. Opportunities longer than two weeks. All opportunities over 2 weeks must pay the minimum wage. It is optional whether you wish to contribute an additional travel and lunch allowance.

It is essential that a candidate on work experience or an internship must be allowed to take time off for a job interview; restricting a candidate’s opportunity for gainful employment is not acceptable.

Any employer advertising a two week experience and then encouraging the participant to stay longer than two weeks will be expected to pay the minimum wage and the candidate will be made aware of this. If we find out that an employer is abusing the generosity of internees we will remove all work experience vacancies.