Are you working too much?

Sep 12, 2021

Episode 140 of Live.

If someone asked you ‘Are you working too much?’ if you have a job you would probably instantly say ‘Yes!’ You have a busy and demanding role, and expectations are always high.

Yet if you were asked ‘Are you working too much?’ in your personal life or extra-curricula activities, you may think you are not working at all. But in today’s society, so many of the actions we take or complete, could be seen as an extension of work. In many cases, you are working too much.

In this episode of Live, we discuss the elements of working too much outside of work, and what you can do to find some true balance in your personal life.

This episode references Episode 12 of Live – Strategies for Productivity: Conduct a Time and Motion Study and the social media accounts of Abbie Headon.

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