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We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of all who interact with, whether as a client, a jobseeker, an employer, or as a user of our website.
We aim to provide a secure user experience ensuring the information you submit to us via our office or through an online form.

In summary: –
We will not pass on or share your personal details with anyone, without seeking your prior permission first, this includes any CVs submitted to the CV Clearing House.

We do not sell on our mailing lists or share them with third parties.
We use tracking cookies and links on our website and in our newsletters for marketing purposes and to ensure we deliver relevant content.

The data that is sold as part of our annual salary survey has all personal references removed.

Where we see individuals for Career Development or Careers Counselling, you will be given the same level of confidentiality that you would expect from your Doctor. We do not disclose or discuss our client base with anyone, even if we may know people mentioned in discussions.  However,  if there is an immediate and definite risk to life then we have a responsibility to share this information with law enforcement agencies.

If we see people for Outplacement, which has been arranged by an employer, you will be briefed at the outset of the nature and type of reporting that we will be required to do for the employer.

We store your data in-house and via secure third party applications and databases that are based worldwide.  We do not share this data but from time to time an IT specialist may view your data to fix software, but not act on or share your personal information.  Data is usually retained for 3-7 years for legal and tax purposes.

We have always been transparent with clients. You can at any time request a copy of the data we keep about you; if you are already a client you would have already been given a copy of all the notes we make at the end of any face-to-face meeting.

We are committed to data security.  In the unlikely event of any data breach we will report it to the ICO and contact any affected clients or candidate advising of what data has been breached and what actions, if any, to take.

You can download our full privacy policy here  GDPR complete bookcareers

If you have any questions about our policy please get in touch.

Suzanne Collier
Data Controller