Publishing Jobs with Penguin Random House – Part One

Aug 21, 2022

podcast cover ep189 penguin random house jobs part one

Episode 189 of Live

Are you thinking of applying for a job with Penguin Random House? Would you like to know more about working for Penguin Random House and how best to navigate the application process?

In this episode of Live we talk to Sam Sharmay, Head of Recruitment for Penguin Random House. Sam answers many questions such as how the recruitment team works, opportunities for remote working, and how to make your application stand out, plus so much more.

Sam references episode 187 of bookcareers Live, which you can find here.

Part two follows next week, covering multiple applications, opportunities for those from a non-traditional publishing background, skills for entry level candidates, work experience and how to prepare for working at Penguin Random House.

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