bookcareers professionals graphic a unique coaching opportunity for those in publishing jobs with suzanne collier

bookcareers Professionals is a regular online group where we focus on current issues and changes which may affect your work.

This is a coaching group, but the experience aims to be far more than pure coaching.
It is a mixture of coaching, information, advice industry knowledge and guidanceAll meetings are off-camera, confidential and there is to be no live tweets or external reporting.

There is no subscription fee.
It is free register to receive the newsletter, £10 for you join the call and we aim to have a limited number of free honesty tickets (for those suffering hardship) for every meeting.

We discuss burnout, work overload and we will be working through salary issues and negotiation of other items such as working from home. 

To participate you need to be currently employed in a role in the publishing or book industry.
If you are seeking employment or wish to find out more about publishing as a career please register with our bookcareers Newcomers Job Club.

Provisional dates for 2023 are:
Monday, 13th March
Tuesday, 25th April
Monday, 22nd May

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