Recommended Reading

There are lots of books available about book publishing and writing and getting published, but we have selected our favourites. All titles can be purchased via the links below on Amazon – just click the relevant image.

Starting Out

If you are starting out in the industry then these books are the best to give you ideas about what book publishing is about and the possible career paths.


Approaching Publishers
If you are looking for contact information for book publishers, what they publish and information on writing and getting published, including the best ways to approach publishers, these are the definitive reference books.

Also available


Finding work


Editorial Reference Books.  These are seen as the bibles for any editor in the industry.


Going down the self-publishing route


Setting up a Publishing House or Bookshop


Selling Rights,  Copyright and Contracts

The Finance of Publishing


Marketing and Selling Books


Book Production


Writing and Getting Published



The History of Publishing


The Future of Publishing


Publishing Lives

Personal Development and Career Changes

Time Management

CVs and Interviews

Employment Law