Salary Survey 2021 – Call Out for Job Titles

Jul 23, 2021

As the closing date for entries to the bookcareers Salary Survey draws near, we are putting out a request for those with the following job titles (although we want to hear from EVERYONE) to please complete the survey at . Once you’ve completed the survey please share the link with your colleagues; we’d like as many responses as possible.

The survey is open to all those who work in UK book and journal publishing or for a Literary Agency or for a Publishing Services Company in a salaried role.    It closes on Friday, 30th July 2020 at 23:00. Results to be published in September 2021.

Art/Design Manager
Art Director
Contracts Executive
Contracts Manager
Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Manager
Editorial Manager
Export Sales Manager
Head of Marketing
Head of Production
Head of Publishing
Head of Sales
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Executive
Human Resources Assistant
International Sales Assistant
International Sales Manager
Junior Editor
Key Accounts Manager
Managing Director
Managing Editor
Office Manager
Picture Researcher
Production Assistant
Production Director
Production Editor
Production Manager
Project Manager
Publicity Assistant
Publicity Director
Publicity Executive
Publishing Assistant
Publishing Co-Ordinator
Publishing Manager
Rights Director
Rights Manager
Sales & Marketing Assistant
Sales & Marketing Director
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sales Director
Sales Representative
Website Editor