Snow Heroes

Jan 8, 2010

Well everyone else is talking about the snow so it only seems right to join in.  I wonder how many of you have been ‘snow heroes’ this week – struggling into the office against the odds? Or have you been working at home? Has your children’s school been closed? Maybe your boss called a ‘snow day’, not realising that the white stuff was here to stay.  It is at times like this that smart companies will be  implementing a successful Business Continuity Plan (BCP)- a plan that enables the company to carry on its normal business in times of ‘crisis’ – be it snow, flooding,  a key member of staff being unable to work, or any other emergency. 

For those without a BCP, the snow that hit London and the South East on Wednesday was forecast at least 2 days earlier – that should have given employers and employees enough time for a discussion about who was going in to office, if there were any changes in hours, a reassessment of priorities, risks or threats to any ongoing projects, whether some staff could work at home and what work could be done at home.

Booksellers have an altogether different set of problems – that if their shop isn’t open, they don’t trade and if they don’t trade, they don’t have an income. The lack of people out and about in town centres is sure to make a difference too.    
The forecast today indicates that this weather will last for at least another 10 days. will carry on as normal. The only difference being that we’ve postponed one job club and that our face to face meetings are taking place over the phone or via skype.  We have back up plans installed in case our internet or telephone connections go down; others know how to run the business if I am not available.  With that thought, perhaps it is time I booked a holiday.