Stress and Anxiety

Nov 8, 2020

Episode 96 of

There is no doubt that we are going through stressful times. But what do you do when you find the stress freezes you and stops you from moving forward? What is the main cause of stress and how can you overcome this with a few simple strategies?

If stress and anxiety is starting to affect your work then this episode of bookcareers live may give you some strategies to understand how you can help yourself to move on.

The tips given in this episode do not constitute medical advice. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety please see medical advice and support from the NHS, Mind, or if you are struggling to cope and are in need of immediate help, the Samaritans operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, You can talk about any of the issues mentioned in this podcast on our platform. Or why not discuss this episode across social media using the hashtag #bookcareers?

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