The Stress of Job Hunting

Jul 2, 2023

Episode 218 of Live

Job hunting is stressful. It can be especially stressful if you have an urgent need to find a job or when you are job searching in a limited job market, such as book publishing.

In this episode of Live we discuss some of the stresses of job hunting and give a few tips on how to overcome the stress. Why is it important to focus on the jobs you want to do, rather than apply to every single job you see advertised? How can you remove some of the stress you feel from the interview process? What can you do whilst you are looking for the job you want?

We’ll answer all these questions and more. So if you are job hunting in book publishing or a related field, you are bound to find some tips to help you overcome the anxiety of being a job seeker.

Mentioned in this episode:
National Debtline
The Book Trade Charity. Careers Clinic

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