Succeeding at Work

You’ve got the job! Yet it isn’t all plain sailing. How can you push for promotion? Deal with tricky situations? Develop the yourself or the business? 

Looking for a Job

Building a Career

Career Resources

You helped me think of my business differently and focus my mind on the matters in hand. Having you look at everything I was doing from emails to marketing made me change things for the better.

SC, Publishing. Services


Business to Business Coaching 

Whether you’re starting a publishing related business or need to navigate major changes within your current structure, we are able to help. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and our no-nonsense coaching approach, we can help you focus and deliver measurable targets. 

I really appreciated the opportunity to get a bit of career coaching from someone in the industry. Suzanne’s input made a huge difference to my career.
MB, Director

I was starting to wonder whether I was out of touch with what was going on in the outside world. Our regular coaching sessions gave me targets and objectives to put my career back on track.

MN, Publishing Director


Career Coaching 

Need to bring your skills up to date? Make the deadline on a project? Want measurable results or to be accountable? Career coaching could be the answer. With an initial consultation followed by regular coaching calls, we can give you the accountability you need to complete a project, realign your skills or support you during a long job search or career change.

bookcareers helped me to feel much more at ease in my work. I’ve improved my efficiency, rate of productivity, organisational skills, and interpersonal relationships with their support and coaching.

NM, Marketing


Productivity and Time Management 

Is your job out of control? We can help with practical real-life time management and productivity solutions to help you manage your busy workload. You are welcome to bring along your in-tray and talk through your projects, and we will discuss realistic solutions so that you can successfully improve your workflow, time management and productivity. 

Being able to run through my presentation with you made a big difference to the outcome. Your insight and feedback made the real thing far less daunting

RR, Publicist

I had a huge fear of public speaking but bookcareers helped me see how it could be beneficial to my career. I was given advice on how to overcome the nerves and now I love it!

AH, Editorial


Presentation Training 

If you have personal goals you want to reach, want to update your skills or want to challenge yourself to complete a new project, then career coaching could be the answer. With an initial consultation followed by regular coaching calls, we can give you the accountability you need. to attain your goals. This service is also recommended if you expect to be in a prolonged job search. 

I was a manager in a job where I was being bullied and had lost all my confidence. I had nobody to turn in my office, and it was affecting my work, my colleagues and my personal life. I was suffering from stress-related illness and the situation was getting worse and worse, I was worried I was reaching breaking point. Then I met Suzanne who helped me deal with some of the bullying issues at work and gave me more practical measures for dealing with the stress. Within a few days I felt like another person.

NT, International Sales


Work-Place Difficulties, Bullying, Work-Related Stress

Whatever difficulties you are experiencing at work, we may be able to help. Whether you are being subjected to workplace bullying, work-related stress or something else, we offer careers-based counselling and offer strategies to help you overcome most, if not all, situations.
This is where our unique knowledge of the industry can be of help. We know publishing — we understand the demands of the business and the responsibilities that you, as an employee have. We can discuss tactics to help you balance the two and resolve any issues. If your employer knows about the difficulties, these sessions are often paid by them.


Salary Benchmarking

Using the data from our annual salary survey, we regularly provide salary benchmarking for publishers. We are able to tailor the information to your requirements, whether it is a handful of job titles, or detailed benchmarking across the company. We are also able to run a variety of specialist reports on education, training, benefits, morale, stress and the reasons people stay in their jobs or wish to leave.

Didn’t find what you are looking for? We tailor our services to your requirements. Contact us and we’ll have a chat.