Suzanne Collier wins the Pandora Award

Dec 15, 2011

We are delighted to announce that at an awards ceremony last night, Women in Publishing honoured Suzanne Collier with the Pandora Award ‘for a significant and sustained contribution to the publishing industry’.

On being given the award Suzanne said:

“If you know the story of Pandora, you will know that when she opened her box she let evil and chaos loose in the world and the only thing left in the box was hope. I would like to share my box of hope with every woman in publishing in that I hope that you are doing a job you love, that your career aspirations are fulfilled and that you are paid the salary that you so richly deserve. This is very significant today, when the unemployment figures show that there are more women unemployed than at any time since 1988; I would like to share my hope with those women, in that I hope that they too will find a job that they love.”

Suzanne commented later “Winning the Pandora award is such a great honour. As a young girl in publishing, and through the years, I have stood at the WIP awards, and watched as many great names in publishing, such as Carmen Callil and Judy Piatkus have been awarded this prize. To know that my name is added to that list means more to me than any words can say. Thank you to all those who nominated and voted for me.”

Suzanne Collier

Suzanne Collier wins Pandora Award