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ALPSP: Introduction to People Management for Publishing

The first step in people management is often reported as the most challenging. This course aims to give newly appointed managers and those in their first year of managing one or two staff the core knowledge and basic tools to make it a truly rewarding experience. The course will be highly interactive and give participants the opportunity to share experience with peers. We will use case studies, based on real publishing scenarios, to help you further your understanding, and you’ll get to apply the tools that you have learnt throughout the day. Participants will also gain an insight into their own personal development priorities and how to achieve them.

You will learn to: use a framework to develop and maintain the performance of your people; understand your own management style and flexibility; understand how to develop and maintain motivation; use and develop the job description to drive job achievement; set better objectives with your people; manage your time effectively; understand some of the current and future management challenges in publishing; and identify your own next development priorities.

This is a one-day course for first-time managers in publishing with one to three staff. Ideally suited for those who are newly appointed or in the first year of managing, although those with greater experience who want to refresh the basics will also benefit.

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ALPSP: Understanding Copyright

This course provides an essential introduction to copyright law and how it is used in practice. Delegates will gain an understanding of the legal publishing landscape, and be able to make sense of their own organization’s contracts and licences.

You will learn to: understand the principles of copyright and how it works in an international digital and print environment; ensure that the moral rights of creators are upheld; understand permission systems and best use of Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) and outsourcing; and understand the basics of online licensing in an open access or subscription-based environment.

This course is suitable for people starting out in a rights or licensing role or with one to two years’ publishing experience in editorial and production functions in large and small organizations.

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ALPSP: Project Management for Publishing

Projects are vital for all publishing organizations to move forward and implement change. Everyone gets involved in them. They may involve developing new products, new processes and systems, adopting new technologies, reaching new markets, acquiring new business, selecting new suppliers or improving existing processes. Projects are also challenging and often fail to achieve the desired results. This course provides those managing projects as well as those working on them with a template and many supporting tools that can be applied to all projects, large or small, to help ensure successful outcomes. It has a strong emphasis on getting things right at the outset because this is where most problems with projects arise. The programme is highly practical and includes break-out sessions using real project scenarios provided by delegates as well as providing publishing case studies as examples of what works and what doesn’t.

You will learn to: appreciate the benefits of a structured, common sense approach to projects; make new projects achievable and manage them with confidence; bring struggling projects back on track; be aware of the ‘people’ and related ‘change’ factors that can undermine projects; bring together cross-discipline teams to achieve success; and make a bigger difference!

The course will help first time managers and others responsible for managing projects that introduce change in any area within an organization. It is also suitable for those who are involved in projects as team members. It is relevant to all functions and disciplines within any publishing organization, ranging from large publishing groups to smaller society publishers.

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ALPSP: Masters in Publishing Webinar Series: Building innovation in mission-driven organizations

In this Masters in Publishing webinar, Alison Mudditt, Director of University of California Press, will discuss how to build and maintain a culture of innovation within a mission-driven organization. She will address the challenges inherent in positioning the organization to innovate for the future while also attending to current products and processes. In a conversation with Seth Denbo, Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives at the American Historical Association, Alison will offer insights and practical suggestions for creating a flexible and nimble organization that is strategically focused and ready for the challenges ahead.

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ALPSP: Effective Journal Editorial Management

This course introduces the common issues and tasks encountered in journal management. Considering various approaches to effective journal management and relationship building, it enables delegates to build on their skills to be more effective in meeting the day-to-day challenges of journal publishing, changing business models and editorial processes. The emphasis is on practical advice and guidance.

You will learn to: understand stakeholders’ needs and consider ways to establish effective relationships; have an overview of techniques to manage and improve your journals; have gained advice on how to positively influence stakeholders and implement change; have a brief overview of the essentials of the publishing business and how they affect editorial processes and management, such as contracts, copyright and finance. Discuss experiences and share ideas with your peers.

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ALPSP: Introduction to Journals Publishing 2: An International Primer

Developed from ALPSP’s most popular introductory course this online workshop is now available globally. Part two of this blended learning workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of what makes successful journal, finance and business models as well as the basics of copyright and IP. It is relevant to all those new to journals publishing with up to one year’s experience or those who have been out of this area for several years and are seeking a refresher.

The course will comprise:

  • Pre-course reading/exercises Comprehensive delegate pack
  • Pre-course questionnaire
  • One and a half hour interactive online workshop
  • Post course exercises marked by our tutor 48 hour email follow up with the tutor
  • Certificate on completion of all elements.

You will learn how to: understand what success criteria are applied to journals by learned societies, publishers, librarians and all in the scholarly communication environment; have a greater awareness of journal finances in both open and subscription-based journals; comprehend why intellectual property rights are important; apply this knowledge to improve the quality of your work.

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ALPSP: How to Build a Data Driven Publishing Organization

Scholarly publishing is becoming more complicated and things are changing at an unprecedented rate. In order to keep ahead of, or at least up with the curve, many publishers are turning to customer data and data about content to provide business intelligence and support decision making. So what does a data driven publishing organization look like and why should you be one? This seminar will provide detailed information and case studies on how to apply data about users, subscribers, authors and institutions to drive decisions. Key insights will cover using data to inform what to publish, product development, user experience, sales and marketing, audience outreach and more. We will cover the types of data driven decisions that can be used by publishers of any size, including applications for small publishers that may not have the resources of a data department, addressing skill sets and expertise required to achieve the best results. This is also the opportunity to find out and learn from what other companies and vendors are doing outside scholarly publishing.

This seminar is targeted across roles and functions within publishing organizations. The understanding of data and what to do with it is key in the digital economy. Publishing professionals who support the running of the business in editorial, sales and marketing, production and operations will find examples of how other organizations have used data to drive efficiency, security and stability. Others whose role is to change the business with new ideas, drive new business models and revenue streams will hear from some of the speakers on how data can be used to drive innovation and change in the business.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other industry colleagues and peers, and also ask questions of the panel of experts assembled.

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ALPSP: An Update On Access to Research

The Access to Research initiative gives public library users across the UK free access to over 15 million academic articles. Attend this webinar to find out how the initiative came about, what the implications are for existing publishing business models, and why it is important for publishers to continue to get involved to further expand public access to academic content.

The agenda will cover: background to Access to Research (what it is and how it works); the current picture (usage, titles, regions); publisher and librarian collaboration; a summary of the independent report into the service; and looking to the future.

This webinar is for anyone with responsibility for publishing strategy, open access, content distribution, rights and licensing including managers and directors in operations, global rights, legal affairs and publishing departments.

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ALPSP: Introduction to Journals Marketing

An essential introduction to the changing and challenging role of promoting journals in today’s market, reflecting the sector’s increased emphasis on author and society relationships and on ‘input marketing’ – encouraging high quality and therefore marketable content. Delegates will discuss a variety of promotional channels and put their decision-making to the test by working on a case study.

You will learn to: understand how the marketing mix works most effectively in journals marketing; review and discuss hot topics affecting journals publishing and marketing today; understand the benefits of a good marketing plan, both for sound decision-making and personal time management; develop confidence in working more proactively with in-house and external editors; and apply all you’ve learned in a practical planning case study exercise with other participants.

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ALPSP: A Marketer’s Guide to Data Protection Compliance

The effective use of personal data for the purpose of communicating with customers lies at the heart of successful marketing strategies employed by publishers in the digital and global economy. However, compliance with the law in relation to personal data can feel like a minefield. With new tougher data protection laws in force next year, and the introduction of monetary penalties for breaches of legislation, it is essential that all marketeers have a fundamental understanding of personal data compliance. This course will provide a primer to the key considerations of how to use personal data lawfully in all marketing activities by giving an overview of the existing data protection laws, and explain what publishers can be doing now to ready themselves for the legal changes coming in early 2018.

Anyone who deals with personal data in a marketing and communications context, for example those involved in customer services and those managing communications with customers, users, authors and members of societies, will benefit from this course. Each session is suitable for those new to the subject but it will also act as an excellent refresher for those who need an update on current legislation or overview of the impending changes to the law.

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