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Founding Bloomsbury Publishing: The Inside Story

Step inside Bloomsbury Publishing as we reveal the origins of a publishing company.

Join us on Thursday, September 27th as we go all the way back to the beginning with three of the four original members of Bloomsbury to learn how it all began and discover what aspiring publishers today could learn from their experiences (if anything!).

We’re delighted to present an evening at Bloomsbury with Nigel Newton, David Reynolds and Liz Calder as they talk about those earliest days at Bloomsbury, the highest highs to the deepest lows and back again, with Daily Telegraph columnist and Bloomsbury author, Mick Brown, who was there at the beginning too.

In 1986, Nigel Newton had the idea to start Bloomsbury. He gathered three literary pioneers, first David Reynolds and then Liz Calder and Alan Wherry, to start Bloomsbury Publishing together with a notion to publish outstanding literary fiction and non-fiction for wide audiences.

Fast forward thirty-two years to 2018 and Bloomsbury is a thriving independent publishing house which publishes 2,500 titles annually and is the home of some of the world’s most exciting authors, acclaimed digital resources and the best academic writing. It has nearly 700 staff, annual sales of £163,000,000 and offices in London, New York, Oxford, Haywards Heath, Sydney and New Delhi.

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Portsmouth Book Bash

Are you interested in publishing? Are you an author, editor, designer, illustrator or bookseller who would like to chat with like-minded people who live or work in the Pompey area?
If so, the inaugural Portsmouth Book Bask is for you. Come and meet us between 6pm-8pm at the friendly Hunter Gatherer, Southsea on Albert Road. There will be no speeches, no agenda… just come and chat books.
Author and editor Abbie Headon will be launching her book, The Power of YES, and you can meet her and buy a copy. Book PR, design and promotion agency Bookollective will be there to help you network.
Everyone there will be able to talk ALL THINGS BOOKS! There is no pressure, bring business cards if you want, if not, just pop in for a chat with the Pompey book crowd.


Hunter Gatherer, 249 Albert Road, Southsea PO4 0JR

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Redefining Storytelling

This is an annual event that we run at London College of Communication, gathering MA Publishing students and industry professionals together to explore emerging issues in publishing across all sectors.

This year, the theme of the event is Redefining Storytelling, in which we highlight how the publishing industry continues to evolve. The event will include two separate panel discussions led by a variety of industry experts. Storytelling has always been key to publishing, but now stories are being told in various new ways.

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Get into Book Publishing

‘Get into Book Publishing’ – An accessible and industry-supported introduction to publishing for those who are new to the industry.
This new, 4-day course will focus on providing delegates with a comprehensive overview of the publishing industry and a good understanding of the business. It will give an expert insight into the structure of a publishing house and the main roles within it – editorial and design, production, rights, sales and marketing – with the primary aim to help candidates identify the right area for them. It will also offer some valuable skills to aid employment and an excellent opportunity to meet key figures in publishing.
The course will be taught by experts from across publishing to give an up-to-date, practical and relevant look at the industry.
There will also be an informal drinks reception and an excellent opportunity to meet industry figures in a more relaxed environment.
There are no entry requirements for the course although delegates must be over 18.

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#workinpublishing Week Careers Clinic

If you’re following #workinpublishing week, in addition to our usual Careers Clinics (Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November) we’ll be running an extra all-day Careers Clinic during Work in Publishing Week on FRIDAY, 18TH November 2016. So if you have any questions arising about any of the blogs, tips or advice given, you’ll be able […]

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agesim in book publishing

What about me? Ageism in Book Publishing

What about me? Ageism in book publishing Where are the new career paths for the over 40s? Publishing has been talking for some time now about how it wants to attract ‘digital natives’ and ‘bright young things’ into the industry; the latest comment overheard concerns the industry ‘finding its future in millennials’ (in this instance […]

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We are no longer supporting ANY kind of unpaid work experience

As you know, for a long time has said a two week unpaid placement is bordering on acceptable. You might have noticed that, since the beginning of the year, even these have been removed from the website.  This is because we no longer endorse any unpaid work, unpaid work experience placements or unpaid internships.  This includes opportunities […]

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