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What happened to Adela?

As some of you may remember, sometime ago I was working with ‘Adela’ on finding a job within publishing, and we called it the experiment. Shortly after Adela’s placement she had to return home for family reasons and during this time realised that publishing wasn’t for her. Adela is now training to be a […]

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First Day

Speaking to Adela at the end of her first day at the work experience placement, she said that it ‘was a bit weird’, she ‘felt like a fish out of water’ and said ‘there was a lot to take in’. The tasks she had been assigned so far were all administrative and she hoped that […]

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Finding a work placement

We set about helping Adela find her first work experience placement. We sent out 10 applications, which were a mixture of responses to advertised placements as well as applications via company websites. Some of the online company forms can be very time consuming and it took many hours to complete all 10 applications. After a […]

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A Steep Learning Curve

I’ve just had my first meeting with Adela and she has lots of challenges ahead. We had quite a long discussion about her ideal job, salary requirements, how long she can cope financially, what office experience she has already and how much she knows about the publishing industry, as well as why she chose publishing […]

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