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Content Strategy for the Web

Take charge of planning the creation, delivery and governance of your website content so that it can deliver real value for your organisation and meaningful experiences for your website visitors.

Whether you’re relaunching, starting from scratch or wrestling with an unruly site, this course provides the foundation on which you can develop your content strategy and integrate it effectively within your organisation. This practical course is for anyone who produces or manages online content.

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Writing for the Web, one-day course

Discover vital ways to make your digital content more readable, searchable and findable, using up-to-the-minute research. If you create or have responsibility for web content this course is for you.

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Copyright: How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age

With the explosion of content available, on the internet and in print, the wide use of social media and ease of dissemination, it’s more important than ever to know who has the rights to content and who can exploit it. When are there are other rights to consider (such as for use of personal information)? When may permission be needed?

The course also covers ownership of copyright in print as well as digital content.

This course is for anyone who is involved in the creation and publication of copyright material and use of services and content online, including for marketing purposes.

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