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Copyright: How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age

With the explosion of content available, on the internet and in print, the wide use of social media and ease of dissemination, it’s more important than ever to know who has the rights to content and who can exploit it. When are there are other rights to consider (such as for use of personal information)? When may permission be needed?

The course also covers ownership of copyright in print as well as digital content.

This course is for anyone who is involved in the creation and publication of copyright material and use of services and content online, including for marketing purposes.

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ALPSP: Licensing Your Content

Licensing content has rapidly become a key component of the academic publishing environment, but why is this needed and what are the practicalities? What are the key issues to be aware of and consider when negotiating a licence? This course will outline the development of licensing on various platforms including print and online (and mobile). It will also cover current issues around author licensing, open access and the use of Creative Commons licences, and will give delegates a full understanding of the growing range of licence arrangements that are now available for all content.

You will learn: to fully understand the types of agreements used to license content and why certain clauses are included for the publisher and customer; and to gain an understanding of current legal issues affecting online content and the implications for publishers.

Delegates should have a grasp of the copyright and legal framework (such as provided by ALPSPs Understanding Copyright). This course is aimed primarily at delegates working with licensing products to customers directly or via a third party. It will therefore be suitable across contracts, rights and licensing, sales, marketing and library liaison functions.

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ALPSP: Understanding Copyright

This course provides an essential introduction to copyright law and how it is used in practice. Delegates will gain an understanding of the legal publishing landscape, and be able to make sense of their own organization’s contracts and licences.

You will learn to: understand the principles of copyright and how it works in an international digital and print environment; ensure that the moral rights of creators are upheld; understand permission systems and best use of Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) and outsourcing; and understand the basics of online licensing in an open access or subscription-based environment.

This course is suitable for people starting out in a rights or licensing role or with one to two years’ publishing experience in editorial and production functions in large and small organizations.

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