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The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels.

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The Bookseller Futurebook Conference

This year, Europe’s biggest publishing innovation conference is on a mission to put a sparkling rocket of creativity and courage up the book trade. On Friday 30th November, FutureBook Live will bring three electrifying strands of content to 155 Bishopsgate, London to help you:

PROVOKE – ask the uncomfortable questions about what is (or isn’t) working now, from what readers really want to whether subscription models work.

PREDICT – look five years ahead at the tech and issues that are going to transform what and how you create, from voice to AI to leadership.

PLAY – get hands-on with the approaches and technologies that will help you deliver on your ideas, from a live ThinkSprint to our BookTech pitch-off.

Join us to hear from provocative experts, innovators in other industries and 500 of your boldest and brightest peers.

Book people, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

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PA BESA Educational Publishers Conference 2018

The Publishers Association and British Educational Suppliers Association are pleased to bring you their annual Educational Publishers Conference on Wednesday 28th November 2018, taking place this year at Ironmongers’ Hall.

Delegates of the full day conference will hear from experts in the field of educational publishing on current topics and trends with an opportunity to mingle over a hot buffet lunch and drinks reception in the evening.

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BIC: eBook Creation: Advanced & Practical

Do you like to know what’s going on under the digital hood? Then this course is for you. Picking up where BIC’s ‘eBook Creation: Investigated & Explained’ training course ends, this course is a practical, hands-on look at the production of eBooks. It will investigate the different platforms, creation methods and workflows, plus their application and the pros and cons of each.
The course is aimed at those who are currently responsible for the production of eBooks and for those with a small amount of knowledge of CSS, InDesign (CS4 upwards) and XML.
All of BIC’s courses are designed in conjunction with a group of Production Directors from leading houses so that they focus on what you need to know. Each course contains a formal assessment recognised by many of the UK’s publishing houses.
The course will provide you with the tools to brief suppliers well and to understand the overall mechanics of eBooks.
You will learn:

  • The various stages involved in eBook production
  • The elements of an ePub file
  • How to think ‘digitally’
  • What an enhanced eBook is
  • How to place audio and video files in an eBook
  • How to select the best format for your book
  • How to create custom content for iPads
  • How to add metadata to your eBook
  • How to crack open an eBook file to add or correct content
  • How to select the best source material for your eBook
  • How to write clear specifications and brief suppliers by creating your perfect handover template
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BIC: eBook Creation: Investigated & Explained

The pace of change in publishing is ever increasing, not least in the creation and use of eBooks. Consumers and devices get ever more sophisticated and the demands on publishers to keep up are immense. BIC’s courses focus on the practical application of knowledge and this course provides an overview of the creation of eBooks, the routes to market and the changing technology available to us and our customers. It’s a comprehensive introduction for those new to eBooks and a great update for those already in production.
All of BIC’s courses are designed in conjunction with a group of Production Directors from leading houses so that they focus on what you need to know. Each course contains a formal assessment recognised by many of the UK’s publishing houses.
The course will provide you with the tools to be proactive in your role, better express your requirements and solve or even prevent problems efficiently. You will learn:

  • What XML is and how it’s used
  • The different digital workflows and the pros and cons of using them
  • The limitations of the devices currently on the market and how this impacts your eBook
  • The difference between apps, eBooks and online products and how to select the right one
  • The pros and cons of DRM
  • What metadata is, how to use it effectively and how this impacts discoverability
  • How to decide whether your eBook should have a bespoke design or replicate the printed version
  • What HTML5 is and when to use it
  • The different file formats available and when to use them
  • How to specify your eBook requirements to a supplier
  • How to decide whether fixed format or reflowable is right for your book
  • What interactivity and enhancements are available and how to choose the right one for you
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New training courses launched for book production

We are very pleased to see that BIC (Book Industry Communication) have launched a whole new range of training courses for Production Staff to meet demands from the publishing industry. Ranging in length from half a day to two days, the Production courses cover the following areas: Introduction to Production Ebook Creation Printed books (colour […]

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New Courses in Digital Publishing

The Publishing Training Centre have launched over 10 new courses to help plug the digital skills and training gap.  These include Digital Publishing, Developing an E Book Strategy, and Working with Social Media. With so many changes happening in your day to day job, you can’t afford not to receive formal training in the skills you’ll need for tomorrow.  The full list of courses.

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