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Understanding Copyright Online


Online, (CET 3.30pm-5.00pm, EST 9.30am-11.00am, GMT 2.30pm-4.00pm).


This online course provides an essential introduction to copyright law and how it is used in practice. Delegates will gain an understanding of the legal publishing landscape, and be able to make sense of their own organization’s contracts and licences.


  • What exactly is copyright: who owns it and who can enforce it?
  • Moral rights: what they are and how they affect publishers
  • International copyright framework: how it all fits
  • Managing permissions: what to ask and what to record
  • When you don’t need permission: ‘Fair dealing’ and ‘Fair use’ provisions
  • Making permissions easier: blanket licences, bilateral agreements and outsourcing
  • Introduction to Creative Commons and other online licences.


  • Pre-course reading/exercises
  • Comprehensive delegate pack
  • One and a half hour interactive online workshop
  • Post course exercises marked by our tutor
  • 48  hour email follow up with the tutor
  • Certificate on completion of all elements.

What will you learn?

Understand the principles of copyright and how it works in an international digital and print environment; ensure that the moral rights of creators are upheld; understand permission systems and best use of Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) and outsourcing; understand the basics of online licensing in an open access or subscription-based environment.

Who should attend (Level 1)

People starting out in a rights or licensing role or with one to two years’ publishing experience in editorial and production functions in large and small organizations.

Early bird rates for members – Book by 13 September 2019*

Not an ALPSP member?  Want to take advantage of the reduced member rates? Click here to find out how your organization can join ALPSP

Members early bird         £154.00 (+ VAT where applicable)
 full price          £172.00 (+ VAT where applicable)
Non Members full price  £286.00 (+ VAT where applicable)
Academic rates are available, please contact
This workshop includes a complimentary course pack
Contact: Melissa Marshall T: +44 (0)1622 871035 E:

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BIC’s Pre-Press for Publishing Training Course

BIC’s Pre-Press for Publishing Course

Purpose of the Course
Taught by a pre-press expert on their premises, this is an interactive course focusing on the pre-press workflow from image selection to file supply – whether that’s for print or digital distribution.

Poor image selection and mistakes at pre-press can be very expensive. As such, this course aims to provide delegates with the skills to minimise the risk to their organisation and ensure they know how to get the intended result.

Benefits of Attending
Using a combination of seminar-based discussions, activities and practical demonstrations, this course will provide an overview of the pre-press workflow and print processes.

The pre-press world is full of jargon and complex terminology which can be hard to decipher. This course clearly explains the process and will demystify the language and techniques, helping delegates to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and unnecessary expenditure, and solve problems quickly and easily.

To ensure our attendees get the most out of the day, we limit the number of delegates for this course to 5.

Course Level
This course is for anyone in publishing who is responsible for the selection of images, the creation and output of files for books or the finished quality of books. It is aimed at those with no previous, formal training in colour.

Course Outline
The topics covered will include:

  • How to create a great pre-press brief
  • How to assess image quality and its suitability for each project
  • Understanding colour theory and how it impacts the finished book
  • Understanding colour management
  • How retouching can improve an image
  • How to colour correct
  • Specifying the correct file format for your needs
  • Understanding the different proofing options available and knowing which one is right
  • Knowing the different digital options available and being able to select the most appropriate one for your requirements

Read the full course outline here.

Ticket Information

BIC Members 30-Oct-19 £200.00 £11.49 £42.30
Friends of BIC 30-Oct-19 £240.00 £13.69 £50.74
Non-Members 30-Oct-19 £280.00 £15.89 £59.18
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Angus Phillips & Michael Bhaskar | The Oxford Handbook of Publishing – eight scenarios for the future of publishing

The Galley Club meeting on Wednesday, 6 November 2019; 6:30pm at The Water Rats, Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross
We are very pleased to welcome to The Water Rats, Angus Phillips and Michael Bhaskar, two foremost ‘activists’ in the book publishing world, from the ink-on-paper school through to the on-screen publications which punctuate our book world. Angus and Michael will present some thought experiments around the future of publishing, taken from the conclusion of their new book The Oxford Handbook of Publishing.

Angus Phillips
Angus Phillips is Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. He formerly worked in the publishing industry as a trade editor at Oxford University Press. He has given talks and lectures about publishing all over the world including across Europe and in China and South America; and has carried out consultancy and training work with international publishers. He is on the European Advisory Board of Princeton University Press and was a judge for The Bookseller industry awards for four years in a row. With Michael Bhaskar he is the editor of The Oxford Handbook of Publishing.
He is the author of a number of books including Turning the Page (2014) and Inside Book Publishing (sixth edition 2019, with Giles Clark). He is the editor of Logos and in 2015 published a book of selected articles from the journal’s 25-year history: The Cottage by the Highway and other essays on publishing.

Michael Bhaskaris a writer, digital publisher, researcher and entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder of Canelo, a new kind of publishing company based in London, and Writer in Residence at DeepMind, the world’s leading AI research lab.

Michael Bhaskar
He has written and talked extensively about publishing, the future of media, the creative industries and the economics of technology around the world . He has been featured in and written for The Guardian, Financial Times, and Wired…and found on BBC 2, the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and NPR amongst others.
Michael has been a British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur and a Frankfurt Book Fair Fellow. He has written a prize-winning monograph, The Content Machine, and Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Excess. He is also the lead author of the Literature in the 21st Century report, Chair of The Book Society, co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Publishing and can be found on Twitter as @michaelbhaskar.
Get your tickets here:

Oxford Handbook of Publishing

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Byte Online – Out There: How Do You Self Publish Well? With Caroline Goldsmith

An online seminar with publishing expert Caroline Goldsmith, helping you to publish independently like a pro.

Caroline will give a short presentation, followed by plenty of time for participants to ask questions.

She’ll talk through:

  • An outline to the chain of publishing
  • Options available for indie authors and how they replicate the process professionally
  • How authors market directly to the reader and talk through the difference with traditional publishing who primarily market to the retail industry although they are getting better at reaching consumers

Caroline has nineteen years experience in book publishing. She works freelance for clients ranging from publishers to authors and is an expert in smart independent publishing. She offers services that include editorial and manuscript feedback, cover design, POD and ebook production and also acts as an advisor on publishing routes.

If you are interested in attending this event. Then please sign up for a free ticket and we’ll send you through sign up information in advance of the event.

We are running this seminar in Zoom, you can access the webinar in your browser or download Zoom’s free software in advance of this event.

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Audio across publishing: how to deliver more bang for your (audio) buck

About the event

Audio isn’t just about one format of a publishing programme. It has the potential enhance your list as well as the publishing industry as a whole. It’s not just about a product revenue stream. Audio can boost marketing and publicity, enhance an author’s relationship with their readers, and encourage more people to listen then read. Join our panel of passionate audio publishers for an insightful look at how far audio publishing can take your business in 2019.

Your Speakers


Louise Newton works in audio across all imprints at Little, Brown Book Group and loves nothing more than plugging into a good book. She’s in audio publishing for the thrill of finding the perfect reader for an author’s work. Louise was SYP London Chair 2017.

Follow Louise on Twitter: @NewtonLou.


Sarah is a digital audiobook publishing professional with extensive knowledge of trade publishing. She is experienced in commissioning and managing a commercial digital list and is Audio Publisher at Hachette Audio UK, the audiobook imprint of Little, Brown Book Group. Since starting the list in 2003, she’s published around 1700 audiobooks of all genres, working closely with editors, authors, narrators and producers. Sarah served as Chair of the Audio Committee of the Publishers Association until 2018.

Follow Hachette Audio on Twitter: @HachetteAudioUK.


Paul Stark joined Orion in February 2007 as a rights assistant and, after stints selling rights and managing Orion’s backlist ebook programme, started working on audiobooks in 2012. As well as publishing audio editions of Orion’s existing bestsellers, such as Ian Rankin, Maeve Binchy and Simon Sebag Montefiore, he took particular responsibility for producing audio editions of Gollancz SFF titles, launching bestselling audio brands including Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London, and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. He took over management of the list in 2017, and managed the release of recent bestsellers by Youtubers Rose and Rosie, Sarah Millican and Alan Partridge. Paul was a bookseller rising star in 2017.

Follow Paul on Twitter: @prstarky @orionbooks.


After graduation Catherine Daly’s first job was in the sales department at Faber before she moved to special sales at Penguin. Time at Duckworth added permissions, rights and editorial to her skill set. She returned to Faber when Stephen Page became CEO (as his PA), and from 2012 to 2017 learned about audio during Faber’s successful joint venture with Canongate. In 2018 Catherine was appointed Audio Editor when Faber created its own audio list.

Follow Catherine on Twitter: @cathadaly @faberbooks.


Helena Sheffield is the Marketing & Communications Manager at Penguin Random House Audio. She runs marketing campaigns for some of their biggest audiobooks including Michelle Obama’s Becoming, Stephen Fry’s Heroes and Stormzy’s Rise Up. She also oversees the strategy for The Penguin Podcast, works with all Penguin Random House’s imprints to integrate audio into their wider campaigns and runs marketing and publicity campaigns for BBC Audio.


BookMachine Unplugged is an event series that aims to answer a simple question: what is happening in the world of publishing right now?

Watch inspiring talks from industry insiders. Meet publishers, editors, marketers, audio publishers, designers, techies and more – the people who make publishing happen. If you crave an explosion of knowledge, ideas, and personal development, all in a strictly social and informal setting, unplug from your desk and join us.

There will be six events throughout 2019. Each will zoom in on a segment of the publishing industry and feature 3 expert speakers taking to the stage with their insights into what works for their business now.

If you want to learn from your peers, and stay at the forefront of what’s happening, then BookMachine Unplugged is for you.

Event details

Date: 25th September 2019
Time: 6.30pm – 11pm

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BIC’s Colour Book Production Explained Training Course

Ticket Information

BIC Members 17-Sep-19 £200.00 £13.49 £42.70
Friends of BIC 17-Sep-19 £240.00 £16.09 £51.22
Non-Members 17-Sep-19 £280.00 £18.69 £59.74

BIC’s Colour Book Production Explained Course

Purpose of the Course
Focusing on the print and binding process alongside colour theory and paper, this is a great introduction to colour book production.

The course has a practical emphasis, ensuring that all theoretical elements are accompanied by an on-site demonstration. For this reason, each section of the course contains a problem-solving element, to enable delegates to gain an understanding of the potential pitfalls, how to avoid them and how to spot them if they do occur.

Benefits of Attending
Delegates will spend time in Bell & Bain’s press-room and bindery, seeing first-hand how books are produced and learning how to use this knowledge in their day-to-day role. The practical elements of the course will help to bring the theoretical course content to life.

This course will provide delegates with the tools to be proactive in their role, better express their requirements, choose the right supplier for their project, and solve or even prevent problems.

As the factory can be very noisy and to ensure our attendees get the most out of the day, we limit the number of delegates for this course to 6.

Course Level
This course is aimed at those who are, or would like to be, responsible for the production of colour books. It is specifically aimed at those new to colour production, those who have learnt ‘on the job’ and those who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the techniques and processes involved in the manufacture of colour books.

Course Outline
The topics covered will include:

  • The different print processes available and how to pick the right one for your book
  • How colour is printed
  • How an image gets to the page, including conversion to CMYK, screens and ink density
  • How to choose the right proof for your book
  • How to assess paper and chose the right one
  • What impact paper can have on your book
  • How a litho press is made ready and how to press pass a book
  • The different types of binding, their characteristics, limitations and how to choose the right one for your book
  • What finishes are available and how are they applied
  • How a print price is constructed and how to request a quote
  • How to produce co-editions
  • Things that can go wrong at each stage, how to recognise them and what you can do to prevent them

Read the full course outline here.

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BookMachine Meets Bloomsbury Publishing

About the event

BookMachine meets… is a new event series from BookMachine, aimed at offering real insight into how different publishing houses operate. At each event the panel of in-house experts will explain the fundamentals of their business and the secrets to their market success.

Step inside Bloomsbury Publishing as we go into their London headquarters for a closer look at how they stay creative and strive to push the boundaries of publishing.

For one night only, we’ll bring together four of Bloomsbury’s most energetic staff members to talk about how they stay creative in their roles in Editorial, Marketing and Sales and engage with colleagues, retailers and book lovers around the world. This unique event at the Bloomsbury Institute – Bloomsbury’s public events series – will feature exclusive stories and experiences from the team. Join them for a lively discussion on everything you need to know about publishing right now.

Our Guests

  • Laura Main Ellen, Sales manager, Children’s & Education
  • Chair: Jamie Birkett, Commissioning Editor, Bloomsbury Continuum
  • Christine Modafferi, Assistant Editor, Children’s Non-Fiction
  • Tia Ali, Marketing Manager, I.B. Tauris

Event details

Date: 19th September 2019
Time: 6.00pm – 9.30pm

Tickets are £15 for this event, or you can buy a £20 ticket which includes a copy of The Publishing Business: A Guide to Starting Out and Getting On by Kelvin Smith and Melanie Ramdarshan Bold.

BookMachine Members will also get free access to a filmed version of the event.


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