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PA BESA Educational Publishers Conference 2018

The Publishers Association and British Educational Suppliers Association are pleased to bring you their annual Educational Publishers Conference on Wednesday 28th November 2018, taking place this year at Ironmongers’ Hall.

Delegates of the full day conference will hear from experts in the field of educational publishing on current topics and trends with an opportunity to mingle over a hot buffet lunch and drinks reception in the evening.

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ALPSP: Effective Journals Marketing

Technology is changing, new business models are developing and new markets emerging – the journal publishing landscape is shifting. These new developments offer challenges for journals marketing. This course provides a strategic overview of this dynamic environment and how best to apply marketing techniques to achieve your journal’s objectives. The workshop will be highly interactive.

You will learn to: understand the environment in which you operate as marketeers and the impact this has on your strategies; use the full marketing toolkit in the most effective ways; assess customer needs; and make appropriate changes to your products and marketing messages.

This course is an ideal next step for marketing executives, managers and so on who have attended the ALPSP Introduction to Journals Marketing course or have had several years’ experience of putting these principles into practice but are now looking to expand their marketing skills.

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ALPSP: Journal Financial Strategy for Non-Financial Managers

This course is essential for middle and senior publishing managers, who meet a multiplicity of financial problems in managing a journals portfolio. The workshop will introduce finance and accounting problems that managers face at senior level, and ensure they have the tools to deal with these effectively.

You will learn to fully appreciate the financial strategy issues that affect journals and organizations and feel at ease dealing with accounting and finance experts. You’ll be able to carry out a strategic review of your business environment and journals portfolio and be confident at developing a financial plan for new business including open access.

This course is aimed at experienced journal publishing managers, publishing editors and publishers. Financial controllers or managers from other functions supporting journals will also benefit. Ideally delegates will have had experience of some of the following: running a journals portfolio, partner acquisition, proprietary journal/ portfolio purchasing; long-term budget setting; contract negotiation and agreement; establishing joint ventures; and presenting business strategies at senior level.

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ALPSP: Journal Metric Analysis and Measuring Impact

Metrics and impact measurement have become an increasingly important part of the scholarly publishing and research landscape. This course covers some of the ways publishers can measure impact and the associated metrics. It is divided between citation metrics, such as the Impact Factor and citation based analysis, and altmetrics looking at a range of tools such as, Impact Story and PlumX. The course also covers usage as a metric and various author and article level metrics such as the h-index. There will be break-out sessions offering extensive hands-on use of the main citation databases and altmetric data – illustrating the types of analysis which can be derived from these data sources.

You will learn to: understand and explain common citation metrics such as the Impact Factor; explain inherent differences between journals and their metrics; comprehend author level metrics such as the h-index and how these can be applied at the journal level; have a clear understanding of altmetrics and how to use them; know how to identify research receiving attention using various tools and have practical ideas on using altmetrics data; and have a view on the future direction of metrics and their role in the publishing industry. Several subscription products and free alternatives will be demonstrated.

Staff working in editorial, marketing, data analyst roles, involved in conducting or presenting the results of citation, altmetric or usage data or analysis will benefit from this course. It is suitable for those with direct responsibility for metrics or two to three years’ wider publishing expertise working in organizations large and small across all subject areas. There is a practical component best suited for those with intermediate Excel skills or similar experience.

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ALPSP: Effective Journal Editorial Management

This course introduces the common issues and tasks encountered in journal management. Considering various approaches to effective journal management and relationship building, it enables delegates to build on their skills to be more effective in meeting the day-to-day challenges of journal publishing, changing business models and editorial processes. The emphasis is on practical advice and guidance.

You will learn to: understand stakeholders’ needs and consider ways to establish effective relationships; have an overview of techniques to manage and improve your journals; have gained advice on how to positively influence stakeholders and implement change; have a brief overview of the essentials of the publishing business and how they affect editorial processes and management, such as contracts, copyright and finance. Discuss experiences and share ideas with your peers.

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ALPSP: Introduction to Journals Publishing 2: An International Primer

Developed from ALPSP’s most popular introductory course this online workshop is now available globally. Part two of this blended learning workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of what makes successful journal, finance and business models as well as the basics of copyright and IP. It is relevant to all those new to journals publishing with up to one year’s experience or those who have been out of this area for several years and are seeking a refresher.

The course will comprise:

  • Pre-course reading/exercises Comprehensive delegate pack
  • Pre-course questionnaire
  • One and a half hour interactive online workshop
  • Post course exercises marked by our tutor 48 hour email follow up with the tutor
  • Certificate on completion of all elements.

You will learn how to: understand what success criteria are applied to journals by learned societies, publishers, librarians and all in the scholarly communication environment; have a greater awareness of journal finances in both open and subscription-based journals; comprehend why intellectual property rights are important; apply this knowledge to improve the quality of your work.

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ALPSP: Introduction to Journals Marketing

An essential introduction to the changing and challenging role of promoting journals in today’s market, reflecting the sector’s increased emphasis on author and society relationships and on ‘input marketing’ – encouraging high quality and therefore marketable content. Delegates will discuss a variety of promotional channels and put their decision-making to the test by working on a case study.

You will learn to: understand how the marketing mix works most effectively in journals marketing; review and discuss hot topics affecting journals publishing and marketing today; understand the benefits of a good marketing plan, both for sound decision-making and personal time management; develop confidence in working more proactively with in-house and external editors; and apply all you’ve learned in a practical planning case study exercise with other participants.

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ALPSP: Understanding eJournal Technology

This course will provide an insight into the technologies behind eJournal delivery, and help delegates understand the challenges faced by libraries in providing readers with access to their journals. The course will be business-centric – clearly positioning technologies in the context of the industry issues they aim to solve. Participants will learn how technology is used throughout the delivery of journals from publisher via library to the end-user.

You will learn to: gain a business-level grounding in journal delivery technologies, gain greater insight into customers’ technical and business requirements and understand the role technology plays in journal deployment and discoverability. Gain an understanding of the limitations and risks associated with granting or denying access through all the main authentication methods, and so inform how library licence agreements should be structured to support these limitations.

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ALPSP: Developing Open Access and Hybrid Journals

The aim of this course is to introduce staff from all areas of journals publishing to the complexities and unique challenges of running an open access journal or journals programme. Delegates will participate in discussion of open access journals and experiment with financial modelling, enabling them to gain an understanding of the necessary steps to take when establishing and maintaining both full and hybrid open access journals.

You will learn how to: appreciate the measures required to create successful open access journals, understand the open access publishing workflow, assess the pros and cons of different open access business models, know the context of the open access industry including the green open access lobby and influential funding bodies, and understand the ethics of open access publishing.

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